Agencies can now #TakeFlight with Twitter

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We’re excited to introduce Twitter Flight School, a new online resource designed to inspire creativity and help agencies of all sizes make the most of marketing on the platform.

Increasingly, our agency partners are moving from asking “Why Twitter” to “How Twitter.” Their top questions include: “How do I take my content on Twitter to the next level?” and “How do I use promoted products and other tools to get the right message to my target audience in the right moment?” This input and more inspired the development of Twitter Flight School, our new online learning hub.

Twitter Flight School contains everything agencies need to know to develop high-impact marketing campaigns for clients, and agency learners can even access both the curriculum and additional resources on their mobile devices. We’ve tailored the content and created bite-size modules to address different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership, account planning and campaign management.

Our first participants, including Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), WPP and Omnicom, gave Flight School top marks. Laura Desmond, Global CEO of SMG, our pilot agency partner, had this to say:

“For marketers who want to reach consumers during today’s biggest live, public and conversational moments, there’s no better place than Twitter. Flight School has given us added expertise to leverage Twitter’s real-time marketing platform to create impactful campaigns for our clients in the evolving digital media landscape.”

We’ll regularly update the curriculum to empower agencies to bring the most creative, impactful strategies to their clients. We look forward to seeing many more agencies #TakeFlight and rolling out the program globally over the next six months.