A week of live-tweeting on Fox TV shows

Friday, 18 April 2014

What’s better than the cast of a show live-tweeting an episode? A whole week’s worth of shows doing it.

This week, Fox (@FOXTV) made live-tweeting eight of its primetime shows into a weeklong event for fans, who tuned in to watch — and tweet.

The cast of the eight primetime shows live-tweeted and interacted with fans all week long. In fact, the network is encouraging talent to live-tweet every week, and has been supporting the effort with on-air promos, in addition to featuring calls to action in the lower third and highlighting the shows’ hashtags.

The cast and crew of the various shows cross-promoted the live-tweeting events. “New Girl” star Max Greenfield (@iamgreenfield), who had a guest role on “The Mindy Project,” live-tweeted both shows.

In fact, this past Tuesday’s episode of “New Girl” marked a high point for the show in volume of Tweets, unique tweeters and overall engagement for 2014 (excluding the episode on Super Bowl Sunday).

A week of live-tweeting on Fox TV shows

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