A new age of marketing at #CannesLions: Day 5

Monday, 23 June 2014

#CannesLions 2014 was an inspiring week! As we wrapped up in France, one thing became very clear: We have entered a new age of marketing. Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed (@keithweed) put it best:

Digital and social media have empowered brands to build meaningful, collaborative relationships with consumers. Here are some more highlights from @keithweed’s presentation:

The Cannes Debate: Twitter, Viacom and WPP
On Friday, our CEO Dick Costolo (@dickc) and Viacom’s CEO Phillippe Dauman joined @WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell on the main stage to talk about what new platforms mean for media, consumers and clients.

One compelling insight was the discrepancy between consumer time spent on media vs. advertising spend on media. Sir Martin Sorrell showed stats on how many advertisers are still focusing on legacy media even though consumer attention has shifted to new platforms like mobile.

You can watch the entire session on YouTube.

Introducing ‘Project #LIVE
As #CannesLions drew to a close, we premiered a documentary that’s been in the works for months. This 30 minute film explores how live storytelling is changing our definition of who and what is “creative.” It’s no longer the rarefied skill of a few people. Everyone can be creative nowadays, everyone is their own media company, everyone can participate in stories and ideas are constantly bubbling up from the audience.