A faster, easier way for newsrooms to find breaking news on Twitter

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Today, Twitter and CNN have announced a partnership with Dataminr to develop an alert system for journalists called Dataminr for News.

When news breaks, it can be minutes or even hours before newsrooms begin to report. Now, with the help of CNN and Dataminr, Twitter can be used to close that critical gap, between the eyewitness wanting to be heard and the journalist who wants to listen.

Twitter has always been a place where news breaks, whether it’s a plane landing in the Hudson River, or live-tweeting the Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan. The challenge is finding those valuable Tweets, particularly with more than 500 million sent every day. Dataminr’s tool helps newsrooms identify breaking news and verifiable sources on Twitter - quickly and accurately.

As an alpha partner, CNN has been instrumental in helping Dataminr refine this product. We believe the unique algorithms that power Dataminr for News will help surface relevant content quickly which will in turn result in a more timely news experience for people everywhere.

We look forward to seeing Dataminr for News roll out to news organizations worldwide. You can read more about the project on Dataminr’s site.