World Series: #GetBeard or #PostCards?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The World Series starts tonight, with the Boston @RedSox and the St. Louis @Cardinals fighting for the win at Fenway Park.

Though they seem evenly matched on the field, the @RedSox have the edge on Twitter. Since the post-season began, the Sox have seen 2.5 million Tweets compared to the @Cardinals’ 1.2 million Tweets.

Data from Topsy

The players and teams have been giving fans a glimpse into what it’s like to prepare for baseball’s biggest stage at its oldest stadium:

How can fans get their own VIP access? By keeping an eye out for Twitter and Vine contests. @Cardinals, @RedSox and @MLB have all been giving away tickets (and other prizes) to their most loyal fans, and the fans have knocked it out of the park with their creativity:

During the National League Championship Series, several of the best Vine videos were shown on air by @MLB_TBS.

The two teams’ mascots are also engaging in their own contest, as they set up a friendly wager over Twitter to determine what bragging rights (and more) are at stake for the winning team:

As the Fall Classic unfolds, @MLB will share exclusive Tweets, Vine videos and photos with fans around the world using the #WorldSeries hashtag. So even if you’re far from Busch Stadium or Fenway Park, follow along with #PostCards (for the @Cardinals) and #GetBeard (for the @RedSox) to hear the roar of the crowd.