Wider columns, bigger and smaller fonts, and faster keyboard scrolling

Thursday, 21 February 2013

We just released a handful of new features for the web and Chrome versions of TweetDeck:

Wide column setting - You can now select wide columns, in addition to the previous options: narrow and medium.

New font sizes - We’ve added two more font sizes, so you can now choose among five different options: smallest, small, medium, large or largest. These new font sizes, in conjunction with the new column width options, provide more flexibility.

Spacebar scrolls down a page of Tweets - If you use arrow keys to navigate around your columns (and even if you don’t!), you may be happy to know that you can now press the spacebar to scroll down one page of Tweets in the currently selected column. This makes scrolling back in time even easier. You can also use the Page Up and Page Down buttons (if you have them) to scroll up and down.

Actions when clicking on notifications - Now the pop-up notifications are more interactive so that you can quickly jump to performing actions on the notified Tweet.

We also enabled infinite scroll in the temporary pop-up columns and made a number of bug fixes, such as making the sign-in and image-upload error messages more informative, ensuring that lists you delete no longer appear in TweetDeck, and fixing an issue with scheduled updates.

Simply refresh or restart your browser to get these new features.