What is your business doing for #Valentines Day?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Still looking for that special something for your valentine? You’re not alone.

According to a study by Shopzilla, 75% of gift givers admit to just “winging it” when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, and 49% of them say finding a gift is their biggest worry this year.

On Twitter, your business has the opportunity to help these poor love birds and, in turn, help grow your business. Here are some sources of Tweet inspiration we’ve found this #Valentines Day:

1. @WholeFoods educates followers about the wonders of chocolate beer.

@WholeFoods partnered with beer expert @TheBeerWench for “a chocolate beer tasting love fest live on Twitter.” Participants could boost their beer cred by asking questions in real time to four chocolate beer brewers.


Don’t have over three million followers like @WholeFoods? Consider teaming up with influencers, partners or customers who can help spread the word. You’ll find most people are up for a little fun on Twitter.

2. @flutterbystylex and @LustDresses1 hook up for a simple and targeted giveaway.

A simple follow and a Retweet enters followers in a contest to win a fabulous dress for Valentine’s Day.


This is a smart giveaway because it targets people who are interested in what @flitterbystylex and @LustDresses1 tweet about on a regular basis: fashion. Had they given away candy or something more off topic, the business would be more likely to attract followers who might not stick around.

Pro tip: Your videos and images show up directly on your profile page and in search results, so be sure to make them memorable. The Twitter mobile app has some advanced features to help you refine photos.

3. @ontargetcoach capitalizes on trending #Valentines hashtag to promote relevant content.

Not everyone sells Valentine’s Day gifts, but that doesn’t mean your company can’t be relevant to the conversation. Financial coach Brent Pittman used the #Valentines hashtag to promote his blog post about how much to spend on an engagement ring:


The content is relevant to the conversation, but also still on brand with the services Pittman sells. Win win.

What are your Valentine’s Day promos? Let us know by sending a Tweet to @TwitterSmallBiz. We’ll be retweeting our favorite responses over the weekend and up until the big day.