Welcome to the @TwitterMedia blog!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hello from the @twittermedia team, and welcome to our new blog. This is the place where we will celebrate you — our users and media partners — for all you do to truly make Twitter a global town square.

We want to shine a light on much of your great work and inspire more. From the worlds of TV, sports, journalism, government, music, movies, social good and beyond, we’ll highlight some of the most compelling and affecting things on Twitter that catch our eye. In this space, you can expect:

  • highlights and examples of new and innovative uses of Twitter
  • updates on our latest features and products
  • tips for maximizing your presence and impact on Twitter

While we are always collecting great stories, if you have something special you think warrants coverage here, write to us at [email protected]. We’d also love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback about the blog as it develops.

We have several ways for you to keep up with the world of @twittermedia:

Thanks, and we hope to see you here often.