We might say it was ‘alive with the sound’ … of Tweets

Friday, 6 December 2013

Last night NBC did something fairly unique for this era: they aired a live TV performance of Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music starring @carrieunderwood.

Many Music fans (they are a legion) considered this to be appointment viewing, and were surprised to see something so unusual for network television. That novelty coupled with the fact of it being aired live drove a large volume of conversation on Twitter.

Nielsen SocialGuide measured the airing’s Twitter buzz in terms of activity and reach while the show was on: there were 449,540 Tweets — and those Tweets were seen over 68 million times. The flurry of conversation made The Sound of Music Live the most social show of the evening.

Part of the fun of watching the beloved musical with Twitter accompaniment last night were the range of fascinating people (and brands) tweeting along. Perhaps the team at @DiGiornoPizza had the most fun of all, tweeting out pizza-related comments (not an obvious tie-in, we think you’ll agree).

Celebrities of all kinds were out in full force too:

And when the stars left the stage, they came onto Twitter to bid auf Wiedersehen: