#TwitterBrasil: Open for business

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Brazilians have always been enthusiastic early adopters of new technologies and communications platforms. We have a natural passion to communicate, interact, share experiences and exchange information.

In December, we opened Twitter’s local office and operations in Brazil with the goal of supporting local partners and users more directly. Last week, we gathered clients and executives from the Brazilian advertising industry for the official launch of Twitter in Brazil at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo (MIS).

With The Coca-Cola Company (@CocaCola_BR) as an official partner, the night featured an enthusiastic round table with notable Brazilian users sharing great stories and different perspectives on Twitter’s impact in the country. Panelists included Adriana Knackfuss, Consumer Connections Sr. Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Nívia Carvalho, Social Media Editor from the daily O Globo (@jornalOGlobo), Rene Silva (@Rene_Silva_RJ), Editor in Chief of the portal Voz das Comunidades, and the Humorist and Presenter, Rafael Cortez.

We also shared a few insights from an upcoming 2013 research report on Brazilian Twitter users. The Compete study found that 80% of Twitter users in Brazil follow at least one brand and 29% percent follow more than 10 brands. Seventy three percent of Twitter users in the country recall seeing Promoted Tweets. Over half of them say they prefer Promoted Tweets to other types of ads they see.

Today, I am proud to say that Brazil is one of our largest markets with a strong user base. Twitter has already become an important part of our lives in Brazil and, by strengthening our local presence, we plan to continue delighting our users as well as creating new opportunities for marketers who want to connect with them.

Posted by
Guilherme Ribenboim (@guilhermerib)
Twitter Brazil Director