Twitter takes the stage at Argentina’s Oscars

Friday, 13 September 2013

Deep integration of Twitter at live events is becoming a standard practice worldwide.

A recent example is Argentina’s annual Martin Fierro Awards, at which radio and television actors are awarded top honors. On August 5th in Buenos Aires, those without a seat at the historic Teatro Colon (@teatrocolon) followed along on Twitter as the night unfolded.

Twitter takes the stage at Argentina’s Oscars

Images used with permission of TELEFE

The show promoted the hashtag #Martinfierro to help organize the buzz on Twitter before, during and after the show, but the strategic Twitter integrations throughout the event ran much deeper. TELEFE (@telefecom), the broadcast network, worked with Comenta TV (@comenta), an Argentinian analytics and curation company, to display Tweets on air and to show a Tweet counter that logged the number of Tweets coming in during the live broadcast.

Here’s how Comenta TV’s on-air integration and curation tools brought fans into the show.

Count the Tweets and watch them grow
The Tweet counter showed how many people were using the hashtag in real time and served as a reminder to fans to use the official hashtag in their Tweets.

Twitter takes the stage at Argentina’s Oscars

Display Tweets from the stars
Tweets from celebrities and nominees at the show were displayed on air throughout the broadcast, beginning with coverage from the red carpet.

As stars arrived on the red carpet, @comenta curated and shared their Tweets on air.

The host had access to a list of real-time curated Tweets about the show, and could sync his on-camera commentary with the visuals in the on-air integration. This allowed the audience to follow celebrities as they moved from the red carpet to center stage at the ceremony, and gave them the opportunity to participate in the conversation with celebrities and about them. Overall, this approach proved to be a great way to create momentum leading up to the awards show.

Twitter takes the stage at Argentina’s Oscars

Become a virtual audience member
Martin Fierro wanted the audience at home to feel like they were part of the most exclusive event in Argentina that night. When fans sent Tweets during the show using the hashtag #Martinfierro, they had the chance to have their avatar displayed on television during the show, making the Andy Warhol prediction “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes ” true with just one Tweet.

At the end of the night, the Martin Fierro organizers were thrilled with the event’s success — the official hashtag (#martinfierro) was mentioned more than 412,000 times during the awards, with peaks of over 13,000 Tweets per minute.

Twitter takes the stage at Argentina’s Oscars

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