Twitter #CreativeFavorites: @CokeZero gives moms a Mother’s Day gift they’ll never forget

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

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The summary (in 140 characters or less)

@CokeZero came to the rescue of distracted guys in need of Mother’s Day gifts using a real-time Twitter contest.

The brand

@CokeZero wants to increase its appeal among guys. Mother’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to engage guys in an experience that communicates the brand’s promise, in terms they could appreciate while still taking care of the most important women in their lives.

The agency

@CokeZero and their creative agency partner, @Droga5 know that guys can be forgetful about Mother’s Day. They saw an opportunity for @CokeZero to come to the rescue of sons who got so distracted by their busy lives and spring weather that they neglected getting mom a gift until it was almost too late.

The strategy

@CokeZero merged the digital and physical worlds to create #motherpieces: a Promoted Tweet invited @CokeZero followers to explain why they left their Mother’s Day shopping until too late. Participants were then able to use the hashtag #motherpieces to share their individual reasons.

If an “excuse” passed muster, the @CokeZero team asked for a digital picture of the forgetful son. Artists were hired to turn the picture into a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted portrait they could give their moms as a gift.

The @CokeZero team knew that there are two kinds of gifts moms love: pictures of their kids, and handmade keepsakes. This led them to the idea of creating irreverent paintings based on submitted photos. @CokeZero and @Droga5 ended up producing 38 portraits from the 173 #motherpieces entries they received.

Pro Tip: Give back to your followers.
Mother’s Day was a chance to thank @CokeZero followers. The brand had spent a lot of time and energy building up their Twitter presence, and #motherpieces was a way to engage their followers while providing a tangible benefit.

The creative

On Mother’s Day, the @CokeZero team came together to coordinate Tweets and art in real time. They gave followers behind-the-scenes access to the paintings in progress. Twitter’s real-time nature made it the ideal platform for one-to-one conversation with fans.

Pro Tip: Align real-time campaigns with cultural moments and popular events to tap into existing conversations. After the success of #motherpieces, @CokeZero plans to continue to look for opportunities like holidays or serendipitous cultural moments to engage fans in authentic conversations on Twitter.

The results

Not surprisingly, mothers loved their #motherpieces.

The @CokeZero team knew that showing guys interacting with the brand in an authentic way would be the best tactic to drive word-of-mouth. Excellent engagement metrics proved them right: a spokesperson for @CokeZero told us they earned an impressive engagement rate of 4.38% on Promoted Tweets in search for #motherpieces. @CokeZero also gained 1,400 new followers through the campaign.

What’s next?

Look for more @CokeZero Twitter campaigns aimed at men during football season.


  • Agency - Droga5 NY (@droga5)
  • Creative Chairman - David Droga (@ddroga)
  • Chief Creative Officer - Ted Royer
  • Creative Director - Tim Gordon (@timsgordon)
  • Associate Creative Director - Lucas Hearl (@lucasallen)
  • Copywriter - Chris Colliton (@ChrisColliton)
  • Art Director - Kevin Weir (@kevinwakeup)
  • Head of Integrated Production - Sally-Ann Dale
  • Senior Producer - Katie Miller (@travelcheese)
  • Art Producer - Heather Black (@heather_r_black)
  • Technical Director - David Justus
  • Digital Strategist - Dan Neumann (@dneumann)
  • Social Strategist - Eric Tsai (@ericts8)
  • Data Strategist - Will Sandwick (@willsandwick)
  • Account Director - Matthew Hennell (@mattyh720)
  • Account Manager - Brett Niebling
  • Assistant Account Manager - Jonathan Weiss (@jonathanwweiss)

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