TV writers’ rooms take their “fights” to Twitter

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Like Vegas, what gets said in the writers’ room usually stays in the writers’ room. But this week, we all got a glimpse behind the closed door as two of TV’s smartest and funniest writing staffs went head-to-head on Twitter.

This year, writers’ room accounts gained real traction on Twitter. Offering their unique points of view as show creators, they often Tweet out behind-the-scenes photos and personal insights, giving fans the inside story. Suddenly writers for hit TV shows are making as much of a splash on Twitter as the actors.

Fresh from battling criminal masterminds and hellish beings from another dimension, the writers’ rooms from Elementary (@ELEMENTARYStaff) and Sleepy Hollow (@SleepyWriters) had a little fun with each other, giving fans access to moments found only on Twitter. And all in real time.

It didn’t start with a murder but with a jab about, of all things, ping-pong:

This quickly escalated into a battle over the cast, costumes and socks:

@ELEMENTARYStaff and @SleepyWriters got into it with this Tweet — the most retweeted of the feud to date; for reference, the photo is a snap from Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller’s (@JonnyJLM) 1995 movie Hackers:

This volley resulted in a call to action from the Sleepy account, using the hashtag #Sleepyheads, which helps fans find and take part in the conversation about the show:

It’s not just Elementary and Sleepy Hollow: the writers of other big TV hits have must-follow accounts on Twitter, including The Good Wife (@GoodWifeWriters), Back in the Game (@BITGWritersRoom), Trophy Wife (@TWWritersRoom) and Intelligence (@IntelligenceHQ).

Since writers keep an eye out across all of Twitter, it wasn’t long before the CSI writing team (@CSIWritersRoom) got in on the action, and even tried to drag in American Horror Story (@AHSFX):

And then of course the SVU team (@SVUwritersroom) challenged the Scandal team to a #selfie battle:

Not to condone fighting over followers (OK, maybe just a little) here’s how the two accounts compare (see how @SleepyWriters are catching up fast?):

In terms of mentions, check out this chart, which shows that the Elementary team actually gave @SleepyWriters a big bump in mentions. In fact, both accounts saw their highest mention numbers since the shows premiered.

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