The @49ers get twice the takeover

Thursday, 29 August 2013

It was a first for Twitter, and for football. On Sunday, August 25th, the San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) hosted the first ever dual takeover of its Twitter account by supermodel Marisa Miller (@marisamiller) and Golden State Warriors (@warriors) forward Andre Iguodala (@andre) during an otherwise routine preseason game against the @Vikings.

To get fans pumped up before the game, the @49ers teased the takeover in advance:

Then the big reveal:

Miller and Iguodala also tweeted about the takeover or used Vine from their own accounts to encourage their followers to join the fun.

When the game began, the two posted updates, photos and commentary directly from @49ers, signing off with initials so fans knew who had posted what:

The pair had fun with it, sharing their personalities with the @49ers followers and drawing them into the game.

Twitter takeovers have a history of boosting followers and engagement across sports, as the Vin Scully takeover of the Dodgers showed earlier this year.

During the takeover, the @49ers gained twice as many followers as their daily average for August. They also earned their highest number of mentions for a preseason game in August, as this chart shows:

The number of mentions for Miller and Iguodala weren’t too shabby, either:

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