Pitbull gives fans a chance to “Feel this Moment” with him

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Miami rapper @Pitbull wanted to drive awareness for his June 18 show at the Hollywood Bowl, and his guest appearance the same day with Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on The Voice (@NBCTheVoice). He turned to Twitter to give his followers a taste of what a day in the spotlight is like.

And what a day it was. Before most people arrived at their day jobs — and just hours after an appearance on The Tonight Show with @JayLeno — Pitbull was letting his fans know what they were in store for:

A few hours later, it was time to start preparing for the first of two big appearances that night:

 Pitbull’s performance of “Feel this Moment” featuring Christina Aguilera during the finale of The Voice lit up the live audience.

 Finally, he was off to his own grand finale at the Hollywood Bowl, with fans in tow:

For everyone following along on Twitter (and those going to the show), Pitbull came up with the clever hashtag #Pitbowl to keep the conversation going. #Pitbowl was displayed on the Jumbotrons during the concert and in his own Tweet leading up to the show.

Pitbull gives fans a chance to “Feel this Moment” with him

Pitbull added 43,000 new followers and saw a 2.4X bump in his number of @replies.

At the end of a long day, Pitbull enjoyed a special payoff: not only did he gain 43,000 followers that day — a 30 percent increase over his average daily growth rate — and a 2.4X increase in the number of @replies, the hashtag #Pitbowl was also mentioned 3,000 times on Twitter, including by some other stars:

Based on the Twitter response, Pitbull decided to add his Twitter handle and a new hashtag, #dontstoptheparty, to the Jumbotron for subsequent shows:

Ever the consummate professional, Pitbull thanked his fans at the end of the night.

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