New mobile updates for Android, iPhone and mobile web

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New mobile updates for Android, iPhone and mobile web

We just released a new version of Twitter for Android. Its new design reflects a native Android experience: wider and taller timelines that fill the screen, a flat navigation bar, tap and hold for quick actions, and more. You can now quickly navigate between tabs by swiping across your screen. And as you type your Tweet or search, you’ll see username and hashtag suggestions, making it easier to connect with friends and join conversations.

In addition to the Android app, we’ve also updated Twitter for iPhone and All three mobile apps, plus, now show more types of content in expanded Tweets: photo galleries, apps and product listings.

You’ll also see a new link right below content that is shared from another mobile app, such as Foursquare or Path.

New mobile updates for Android, iPhone and mobile web

The link lets you open or download the app right from the Tweet, depending on whether or not you have it installed. As an example, if you expand a Tweet to view a photo from Flickr, you can tap the link to open the photo in Flickr. If you don’t yet have the Flickr app on your phone, you can tap to install it from the Tweet.

These updates, which are rolling out to users over the next several days, are part of our ongoing effort to make it easier for you to connect with interesting and relevant content on Twitter. If you’re interested in the under-the-hood details, there are more on our Developer blog.

You can download these updates from the Google Play or App Store.

Posted by Jonathan Le (@jle)
Technical Lead, Android