Mobile app updates: Enhancements to search, web browsing and more

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Today we’re updating our iOS and Android apps along with to make it easier and faster to find and see content on Twitter.

We recently introduced the ability to see older Tweets in search results. Now when you search for important Twitter moments, you may see a Top Tweet separate from the rest of the results. This Tweet is the best match for your query based on relevance and engagement. To see additional Tweets from this time period, tap on “View more from this time.” Try searching for “four more years” or “deep challenge” on your phone to see an example.

Mobile app updates: Enhancements to search, web browsing and more

We’re also introducing a couple features specifically on Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad.

  • Tweets and web browsing: When you open a link from a Tweet in your timeline, you’ll see that Tweet displayed at the bottom of the app’s built-in web browser. This provides additional context to the page you’re viewing, and makes it easy for you to retweet, favorite or reply to the Tweet as you’re reading an article or watching a video. If you don’t want to see the Tweet, simply tap the page and the Tweet will slide away from view. By pulling up or down on the tray icon, the Tweet will appear or disappear from view.
  • Autocomplete: We’ve improved autocomplete suggestions so that when you search on Twitter or you’re composing a Tweet, you’ll see more hashtag, topic and username suggestions as you type. Additionally, autocomplete suggestions for topic searches will be updated more frequently and feel real-time.

You can download this update from the App Store or Google Play.

Posted by Nick Takayama (@ntakayama)
Software Engineer