Live-tweeting a historic game 50 years later

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

On December 7, @Army_Navy_Game live-tweeted its annual Army-Navy football game — from 50 years ago.

The historic 1963 game was postponed after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (and then played in his memory). Now the Army-Navy social committee (@Army_Navy_Game) has tweeted the entire encounter play by play, sharing interviews, photos and video clips via the hashtag #ArmyNavy. And they included the hours before kickoff as well as postgame reactions.

After announcing the event in this call to action Tweet on December 5, @Army_Navy_Game began its “game day”with this message.

They offered context of the importance of the game, explaining Kennedy’s relationship to the Navy and the postponement after his death.

Then @Army_Navy_Game tweeted updates of key plays, scores, drive summaries, as well as quotes from players, coaches and historians.

Note the consistent use of #ArmyNavy, which helps to organize the conversation for people to follow along and join in.

The @Army_Navy_Game account also tweeted an assortment of videos, including clips of the game and retrospective interviews. Check out this Tweet with a clip of Army (@Army_Football) scoring a touchdown.

Tweeting did not end when the game did. After tweeting play-by-play and video of the game’s unusual finish, @Army_Navy_Game sent out analysis and explanations of the ending before thanking followers and a reminder that the 2013 Army-Navy game would take place the following Saturday.

The live Tweets served as a fun, innovative and modern way of telling the story of a legendary football game. In fact, there’s a growing trend of live-tweeting historical events as if they were happening today. One such example was Newsweek’s (@NWKHistory101) live Tweeting to recount Kennedy’s assassination, which caught the eye of Army Executive Athletic Director Bob Beretta, who helped spearhead this project.

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