Lenovo shows how real-time marketing on Twitter drives sales

Friday, 14 June 2013

One of the questions marketers often have about Twitter is how can it drive my sales? Here’s a great example of how PC giant Lenovo did just that.

@Lenovo_UK wanted to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Gadget Show Live, which is the UK’s biggest consumer electronics show, to grow its follower base and create greater awareness of Twitter-exclusive offers.

It achieved this by using a combination of Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts that targeted specific user groups, like those interested in technology and computing, and followers of accounts such as @guardiantech – the Guardian’s technology news Twitter feed.

In the process, @Lenovo_UK generated £17,250 ($27,000) in direct revenue representing an impressive 4:1 sales to spend ratio.

@Lenovo_UK also racked up an almost 700% increase in brand mentions and – to cap it off – it acquired more than 2,500 new followers, which makes for an impressive number over the course of one live event.

According to Andy Murray, EMEA Search Marketing Manager at @Lenovo_UK, Twitter provided the kind of real-time flexibility that brands cannot get with more traditional advertising that makes it perfect for the kind of deals that Lenovo wanted to offer.

“There’s also real potential to drive action and have a strong sales impact with something like a fantastic offer or a giveaway. Twitter campaigns are also much more flexible. They allow you to make creative or strategic changes that you can’t with more traditional ad buys,” says Murray.

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