It’s time for #VinScully!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

As the voice of the Dodgers for a record 64 seasons, Vin Scully was named “baseball’s all-time best broadcaster,” in the 2005 book “Voices of Summer” by fellow broadcaster Curt Smith. But the 85 year-old Scully is now known for something new: the voice of the Dodgers on Twitter.

“How Tweet it Is!” #VinScully takes over Twitter.

Scully took over @Dodgers for his first ever live Tweetcast during the Dodgers vs.Yankees series. Because Vin Scully doesn’t typically go on the road with the team, the Dodgers took advantage of Twitter to bring his voice to the fans.

And this from a man who only recently, and publicly, asked, “What is a hashtag?” The video is worth the watch – USA today called it “90 minutes of broadcasting gold.” Sports fans in the US and around the globe loved reading the octogenarian’s commentary on Twitter – #VinScully trended across the US and worldwide. And the Dodgers benefitted too with a 2,471 increase in followers the day of the game.