Introducing Twitter #CreativeFavorites: Honoring @BBDONY for #lowesfixinsix

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Twitter #CreativeFavorites, a new program to honor great creative work done by advertising agencies on Twitter.

We’ll regularly feature innovative campaigns and the creative agency teams behind them here on the Twitter Advertising blog. We encourage you to help us identify the best candidates and submit Twitter campaigns that deserve to be honored.

The summary (in 140 characters or less)

Our first Twitter #CreativeFavorites honor goes to @BBDONY for their #lowesfixinsix campaign, a series of useful Vine videos for @Lowes.

The brand

Consumers look to home improvement giant @Lowes for how-to help on projects big and small. Social media has allowed @Lowes to help simplify home improvement through content tailored to fans across platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube).

The agency

The @BBDONY production team had been experimenting with Vine in-house before approaching @Lowes with the idea for the #lowesfixinsix series. “This project was an example of ‘agency as workshop.’ Knowledge of the app made it easier for us to concept and produce the work for @Lowes,” says Dave Rolfe (@daverolfe), Director of Integrated Production at @BBDONY. “Sometimes, innovation can lead to ideation.” @BBDONY’s eagerness to hone Vine expertise allowed @Lowes to be first to market with a sustainable, replicable strategy for Vine.

To pull off a major campaign with a new platform, the @BBDONY team had to move beyond their typical job functions. “Everyone was hands-on and it took all of us coming together and pulling it off as a group rather than playing traditional individual roles,” says Dominick Baccollo, (@domcollo), Creative Director at @BBDONY.

The strategy

The team at @BBDONY had seen a lot of creative executions on Vine, but whimsical storytelling alone wouldn’t serve @Lowe’s mission to “never stop improving.” Bob Estrada (@pandafix), VP at @BBDONY and Digital Lead for @Lowes: ” We didn’t want to join in without bringing a strong idea that added value for both the consumer and the brand.” The team created #lowesfixinsix as a campaignable idea that paired entertainment value with useful advice.

The creative

The team at @BBDONY created playful Vine posts that not only entertain but also teach: Each video offers a simple six-second fix for a common household issue.

@BBDONY needed to be nimble to produce quality content quickly and keep costs low. To do this, they approached fashion photographer Meagan Cignoli (@meagancignoli) to direct the videos. Cignoli has quickly made a name for herself in the emerging Vine scene, creating her own fanciful videos and directing for brands like @Lowes and others.

Working within the constraints of the Vine platform proved to be a learning experience. “At first, six seconds seems quite limiting,” explains Wil Boudreau (@wilfridboudreau), Executive Creative Director at @BBDONY “But when you have parameters, you need to be more creative to tell your story.”

The results

@BBDONY and @Lowes are pleased with the outcome of #lowesfixinsix. The advertising press has heralded the series as an excellent example of successful Vine marketing. And more importantly, the content has drawn praise from consumers.

What’s next?

To keep the momentum going, the @BBDONY team has created a bi-weekly production schedule to create new Vine videos. On shoot days, they publish a handful of videos to Vine. Then, over the course of the next two weeks, the team shares each video with their audience via Twitter and amplifies the reach of each one with Promoted Tweets.

@BBDONY plans to dive even deeper into Twitter’s targeting capabilities to reach @Lowes audience. “It’s about creating work that is relevant, useful and entertaining,” explains Francine Li (@francineli), SVP at @BBDONY and Team Lead for @Lowes. “Consumer conversations on Twitter reveal so much. We can leverage these insights to create content that is aligned with consumer interests.”

Agency credits

  • David Lubars, BBDO NY, Chairman/Chief Creative Officer
  • Wil Boudreau, BBDO NY, Executive Creative Director, @wilfridboudreau
  • Dominick Baccollo, BBDO NY, Creative Director, @domcollo
  • Danny Adrain, BBDO NY, Associate Creative Director, Art Director
  • Roberto Danino, BBDO NY, Copywriter
  • Meagan Cignoli, Director, @meagancignoli
  • David Rolfe, BBDO NY, Director of Integrated Production, @daverolfe
  • Theresa Reyes, BBDO NY, Producer
  • Daniel Murphy, BBDO NY, Interactive Producer
  • Michael Gentile, BBDO NY, Assistant Producer
  • Francine Li, BBDO NY, SVP, Senior Director, @FrancineLi
  • Bob Estrada, BBDO NY, VP, Director, @pandafix
  • Marisa Graven, BBDO NY, Account Supervisor
  • Nicole Landesman, BBDO NY, Account Executive
  • Zach Pentel, BBDO NY, Director, Digital Strategy