Introducing a new look for TweetDeck

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

In order to deliver a number of new and often requested features, we’ve updated TweetDeck’s look and also improved its usability. It’s a step forward in making TweetDeck feel fresh, as well as enabling some great new functionality.

TweetDeck with sidebar - light theme

In line with Twitter’s own design aesthetic, this update delivers a lighter and simpler TweetDeck design. We moved the top bar to the side, and created some significant usability improvements around column reordering and easier navigation.

TweetDeck sidebar - new tweet, search and column icons

At the top is the New Tweet button; clicking on this will open the familiar New Tweet window. Next is the Search icon which opens the Search window when clicked.

The next series of icons represent the columns you have in your TweetDeck. Roll over each item to get the full title.

Click on a column icon to move the display to that column, which is especially handy if you have a lot of columns. These column icons also scroll up and down in the sidebar so you can interact with all your columns, regardless of how many you have or how large or small your screen is. For very quick column reordering you can drag a column icon up or down to change its position.

TweetDeck sidebar - columns and settings

Underneath the column icons is the “Add column” icon.

And finally at the bottom of the sidebar you’ll always find these three icons:

  • Click to expand the sidebar to show the titles of each button and the column names. The expanded sidebar is more informative, but takes up more room.
  • Click on the Lists icon to quickly open the list window.
  • Click on the Settings icon to change TweetDeck to suit your needs and add more Twitter accounts.