How Twitter users tweet while on holiday - Infographic

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Twitter was designed for the mobile phone from the very start, so naturally many of us access it when we are on the move, and increasingly, when we travel, as this infographic highlights.

The infographic is based on new research looking at how British Twitter users use the platform when they travel. It reveals that three quarters of Britons keep tweeting when on holiday, and that as many as 59% access Twitter at least once a day.

The research, commissioned by @TwitterAdsUK, and carried out by GlobalWebIndex (@globalwebindex), shines a light on how Twitter users access Twitter while travelling. For the vast majority, it is via a smartphone or a tablet device. Four out of five access Twitter in this fashion when away from home.

While many of us like to relax on holiday, we increasingly like to keep in touch with what is going on in the world around us, to catch breaking news, and check in with our friends back home as well. Overall, of those who use Twitter when travelling as many as 64% use it to stay in touch with people they know while others use it to share pictures of what they’re doing and search for local recommendations of things to do and places to visit.

How Twitter users tweet while on holiday - Infographic

In addition to the holiday habits of British Twitter users we have data on how Spanish Twitter users engage with Twitter whilst travelling. Notably, the Spanish are even more likely to access Twitter on holiday than Brits: a whopping 85% of Spanish holiday goers take Twitter with them.

Spanish users also like to tweet more holiday photos than their British neighbours, with 50% tweeting images and, like their British counterparts, 60% of Spanish users access Twitter at least once a day whilst away. We have the Spanish infographic available in English and Spanish.

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