How brands won the moment at #NYFW

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Vogue Magazine editor Anna Wintour once famously observed about fashion, “It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” The world of fashion is driven by the moment. It’s about what’s current, fresh and hot right this second.

As the Spring 2014 collections hit runways around the globe this month, designers and brands are using Twitter to offer fashion followers world-wide a front row seat in real time.

Here are five key trends we saw from designers and brands on Twitter during New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) – and most of their tactics translate across industries for any big event.

Share exclusive previews

Leading up to their shows, designers used Twitter to build excitement and spark buzz about their Spring 2014 collections.

Nicole Miller shared a peek at the new collection from her ‘Tweet and Toast’ event in NYC for bloggers.

Ralph Lauren created anticipation by tweeting a single preview sketch.

Give real-time access

This year, many #NYFW designers shared the thrill of the catwalk in real time with live streams of their shows. Some shows, including Custo Barcelona’s, live-streamed within a Tweet.

Many brands like Rebecca Minkoff used Tweets to raise awareness of live streams on their own websites and drive traffic.

Offer multiple perspectives

Twitter users experience events through the real-time lens of a number of people on the scene; several brands tapped into this opportunity to enhance #NYFW moments.

Kenneth Cole Productions offered fashion lovers a unique window into all the action before, during and after the show through the hashtag #KCViewpoints. They partnered with Meagan Cignoli and several other Vine artists to provide six-second glimpses behind the scenes.

Kenneth Cole Productions equipped models walking the runway with cameras, and encouraged the audience at the show to contribute their own vantage points with their hashtag. All the videos were collected in a Vine mosaic on for a live stream of unique perspectives.


Motorola shared exclusive content including backstage beauty photos and Q&A videos with designers.

Drive sales

The focus on Spring 2014 didn’t exclude other seasons; designers took full advantage of all the fashion buzz to promote their Fall and Winter collections.

Diane Von Furstenberg used the #NYFW to remind fashionistas what was on trend for fall.

American Express partnered with Rebecca Minkoff to share limited-time offers.

Showcase partnerships

#NYFW didn’t just offer fashion brands the chance to connect with consumers. Event sponsors like Smartwater and TRESemme showcased how their products kept the fashion glitterati well-hydrated and well-coiffed.


We can’t wait to see what the fashion world has in store for Twitter next season. Until then, check out the buzz from London Fashion Week and follow the  #MFW and #PFW hashtags to get your runway fix through the end of the month.