Hack Week @ Twitter

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hack Week @ Twitter

Our second Hack Week of the year has just begun. (Yes, it is April Fools Day; no this is not a joke.) This is one of my favorite parts of each quarter –– as a company, we take a full week to work with people from other teams, explore new ideas, experiment with different projects and let our creativity run wild.

Some projects are hobby projects, and they may inspire new ideas or cause teams to think about a core feature in a new way. Other projects ship –– awesome and unique products have come out of Hack Week. Have you downloaded your Twitter archive yet? That was a Hack Week project. Or have you seen the Tweets from @twisitor, a birdhouse you can tweet from when you visit Twitter HQ? That was one of last quarter’s Hack Week projects.

Thanks for inspiring new ideas and motivating us to build this week.

Posted by Raffi Krikorian (@raffi)
VP of Engineering