Monday, 30 September 2013

What happens when you mix the finale of one of TV’s most acclaimed shows with the live, public, conversational nature of Twitter? A reaction that generates 1.24 million Tweets and 10.3 million viewers. Last night’s Breaking Bad finale broke records for both its viewership and its Twitter activity, as fans took to Twitter to experience the finale with each other and alongside the stars of the show.

All in all, according to SocialGuide (which measures only U.S. conversation) there were 1.24 million Tweets about the Breaking Bad (@BreakingBad_AMC) finale, with conversation peaking at 22,373 Tweets per minute (TPM) as the episode began.

Fans rallied around the #GoodbyeBreakingBad hashtag, which was displayed on air throughout the finale and was used nearly 500,000 times. The stars of Breaking Bad also came to Twitter to bid the show, the fans, and their characters farewell. The Tweets from @BryanCranston (Walter White) and @AaronPaul_8 (Jesse Pinkman) were two of the most retweeted Tweets of the night, with 50,000+ and 27,000+ respectively.

Aaron Paul continued to bring fans closer to the show in creative ways: in the past he’s called fans directly, offered tickets to special screenings in Boise, and shared his own commentary about episodes — all via Twitter. Yesterday, he held a scavenger hunt throughout Los Angeles for tickets to the finale party, and tweeted all the clues:

Other familiar faces were active on Twitter last night, tweeting right along with all the show’s other super fans as they watched the finale:

When you want to experience the best of Breaking Bad, you can always rely on the blue… bird, that is.