Enhanced mobile targeting by device, OS version, wifi

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Twitter was born mobile: People reach for Twitter on the couch, on the move, and in the moment. There are 230 million users globally, and 76% access Twitter on a mobile device.

Previously, we offered advertisers the ability to reach our highly mobile users by targeting only their operating system. Today we’re announcing greater flexibility to this targeting capability: Now all advertisers can segment audiences on iOS and Android by operating system version, specific device, and WiFi connectivity. And we’re also introducing granular reporting analytics for these targeting types across all campaigns.

Targeting selection

Enhanced mobile targeting by device, OS version, wifi

This increased granularity in mobile targeting helps advertisers reach users who are most important to them. For example:

  • Mobile app marketers can now reach users who have compatible OS versions, ideal device types for app usage with high connectivity to prompt a new download or re-engagement through an app card.
  • Telco marketers can now promote loyalty and rewards to users on their specific devices, or reach new prospects on older devices.
  • All marketers can focus their campaigns on users with device models that are indicative of demographics which align with their campaign goals.

Additionally, the new segmentation reporting gives advertisers better insight into the OS versions and specific devices of users engaging with your general campaigns — and that in turn can inform how you optimize future campaigns.

Segmentation analytics

Enhanced mobile targeting by device, OS version, wifi

Starting today all advertisers will be able to access this as a targeting capability through ads.twitter.com under the standard mobile targeting filters in campaign setup. It will also be available through our Ads API partners soon.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on how this enhanced mobile targeting is helping drive results for your business.

Posted by Kelton Lynn, @keltonlynn
Ads Product Manager