Driving mobile advertising forward: welcoming MoPub to the Flock

Monday, 9 September 2013

We’re excited to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire MoPub, a mobile-focused advertising exchange. MoPub’s technology lets mobile application publishers manage their inventory and optimize multiple sources of advertising — direct ads, house ads, ad network, and real-time bidding through the MoPub Marketplace — in a single product. You can learn more about them on their site, along with their blog post about this announcement.

The two major trends in the ad world right now are the rapid consumer shift toward mobile usage, and the industry shift to programmatic buying. Twitter sits at the intersection of these, and we think by bringing MoPub’s technology and team to Twitter, we can further drive these trends for the benefit of consumers, advertisers, and agencies.

The MoPub team has built a leading mobile ad exchange, and their focus on providing transparency to advertisers and publishers aligns with our values. We’ll continue to invest in and improve their core business. In particular, we think there is a key opportunity to extend many types of native advertising across the mobile ecosystem through the MoPub exchange.

We also plan to use MoPub’s technology to build real-time bidding into the Twitter ads platform so our advertisers can more easily automate and scale their buys. We’ll maintain the same high quality standards that define our platform today. Our approach is to show an ad when we think it will be useful or interesting to a user, and that isn’t changing.

We’re excited to bring the MoPub and Twitter teams together, and we’ll be sharing more in the future about our joint vision for mobile advertising.

UPDATE, 10/29/13: We’ve officially closed our acquisition of MoPub. Stay tuned to @twitterads and our blogs to hear more about the progress we’re making together to push the mobile ad industry forward.