Dive into Shark Week

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sharks have left a big mark on Twitter already, but brace yourself — they’re coming again. Sunday is the official start to the Discovery Channel’s @SharkWeek, which means you can get face-to-face with a Great White on your TV … and on your Twitter timeline.

Shark Week fans look forward to this time of year, all year. 

As you might expect, sharks are usually the kings of the show (and the sea), but don’t dismiss the seals: be sure to follow @SnuffyTheSeal for snark as he narrowly avoids becoming dinner. And for post-show fun, follow the hashtag #SharkAfterDark to chime in on the new late-night talk show hosted by comedian Josh Wolf (@joshwolfcomedy), complete with a breakdown of Twitter chatter from the night’s #SharkWeek lineup.

A few anticipatory Tweets from fans:

And of course, Snuffy teases:

No doubt about it: the water’s fine. For sharks.