Deloitte UK study: Twitter buzz helps drive video game sales

Thursday, 18 April 2013

With over 400 million Tweets generated worldwide on a daily basis, Twitter is a platform where people talk about the products and brands that they care about most. How does conversation on Twitter impact purchases offline? Does the general sentiment of people’s conversation matter?

To find out what conversation really means for brands, Twitter UK (@TwitterAdsUK) commissioned Deloitte LLP (@DeloitteUK) to quantify the potential impact Tweets have on sales performance.

The “Tweets for Sales: Gaming” study found that Tweets generate valuable word-of-mouth effects that directly impacts consumer demand. Moreover, Tweets with positive sentiment have higher impact on driving sales. In other words, positive Tweets about a product or brand can influence purchase decisions.

Deloitte UK study: Twitter buzz helps drive video game sales

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Study Background & Methodology

The study analysed 100 best-selling Xbox and PlayStation 3 video game titles of 2012 in the United Kingdom. The study looked at how Tweet sentiment and reach may have a predictive impact on sales performance, using both commercially available sales data and gaming Tweet-specific data. The magnitude of sales impact of different types of Tweets on any specific title is quantified through statistical modelling, holding other key sales drivers, such as market dynamics, above-the-line advertising spend and price, constant. For a full copy of the report by Deloitte LLP, please tweet to @TwitterAdsUK.

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