Content filters and social proof

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The latest release for the TweetDeck Chrome app introduces content filters, which will improve new and existing search columns.

These column-specific filters are are synced, so they will be applied to your TweetDeck wherever you open them. 

Now when you type something in the search box, the Tweets results window contains three new filters each designed to individually or collectively focus your search results. 

In this example, we’ve searched for information on the recent Formula 1 pre-season testing which took place in Jerez, Spain. By searching for Tweets which contain both the words [F1] and [Jerez] we get a decent result set  — but using the filters delivers something more informative. 


To return a set of Tweets which give a greater picture of the events of the day, we can use the “Containing” filter to only return Tweets that contain media (images and video). Simply click on the first drop-down box and choose the appropriate element. 


The global nature of [F1] is obvious in that a lot of the search results are in different languages. If we only want Tweets we can read then we can further distill the search using the second filter to return only Tweets in our favoured language, in this case English.  


So from our wide search on [F1] and [Jerez] we’ve been able to filter it down to a media-rich result set of Tweets which contains photos or videos direct from the track, in the language of our choosing. We were also able to exclude retweets to reduce duplicates. From here we can add this search+filters as a TweetDeck column which automatically updates when new matching Tweets occur.


And this feature is not restricted to new searches. You can apply these filters to any of your existing search columns by clicking on the column edit button. A small “FILTERS ACTIVE” message appears at the top of any search column where filters have been applied. Simply click on this to quickly open the column edit menu.

The other important update this week is the addition of what we call “social proof” to user profiles. Social proof indicates some of the people you follow who also follow that account. This in turn gives you a sense of whether you’d find this account interesting, and should also follow.  


Where applicable, the social proof banner appears just above the action buttons on the bottom of the profile pop-up window.

If you’re using our TweetDeck Chrome app please restart your browser to get this update. The web and desktop apps will be updated shortly.