Commemorating #JFK50

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Twitter is already a companion for live experiences, bringing people closer to the moments and events that matter to them. Now media outlets are using Twitter to take people back in time to a moment that changed the course of history.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, you may see a steady stream on Twitter recounting historical moments starting today through Nov, 25, which was the date of Kennedy’s funeral. Here are the Twitter accounts to follow to go back in time:

@CBSNews will be offering a minute-by-minute account of the historic CBS broadcast in real time, just as it was delivered during the four-day period following the assassination. They will also be tweeting out video from the original broadcasts featuring Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather— live as they happened. CBS veteran Bob Schieffer will be live-tweeting the streaming coverage from @CBSNews starting on Friday, Nov. 22 and going through Monday, Nov. 25. using the hashtag #JFK50.

@History is doing a Twitter takeover: an eight-day hourly account of the time leading up to and after the assassination. All this week, History is chronicling the arc of events that took place 50 years ago in one place with a custom timeline. @History will curate Tweets using #JFK50 in a single Twitter stream so that everyone who wants to learn more, or remembers those days, can join the Twitter conversation.

NPR will continue tweeting from its Twitter account @Todayin1963 through the weekend, giving a detailed account of the Kennedys’ trip to Dallas and all that transpired there.

Newsweek will highlight the events leading up to and after JFK’s assassination at @NWKHistory101. You can follow along on Twitter or visit the Newsweek Camelot site.

Last week CNN aired a special #JFK documentary and live-tweeted the entire broadcast event from @TheSixtiesCNN, giving audiences another way to follow along with events as they unfolded.