Column filters: find the content you’re looking for

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Today we’re releasing a powerful set of column filters for the TweetDeck web and Chrome apps.

These allow you to show or exclude specific words and phrases from a TweetDeck column –– especially useful when you want to focus on a particular element of a column. You can also choose to view only Tweets that contain media (images and/or video). This turns any of your existing columns into a media column, making it very easy to scan content and find what you’re looking for.

To access the filters, click on the edit button at the top right of any column. From here, the edit panel slides down and the filters are shown as below.


Here’s a bit more information on each of the four new filters:

Showing - click on the drop down menu to choose to show: all Tweets (default), Tweets with images, Tweets with videos, Tweets with any media (images + videos) or Tweets with links

matching - only show Tweets that contain the word(s) entered in the text field

excluding - only show Tweets that do not contain the words entered in the text field

retweets - choose whether to include or exclude retweets from the column

For example, choosing to only show Tweets that contain media makes scanning for a particular image or video much faster and easier. 


This new filtering functionality is available now for the TweetDeck web and Chrome apps. To update, simply refresh/restart your browser.

Today’s release, as well as our recent release of content filters for search columns, is part of our ongoing efforts to bring the features and capabilities of our AIR app to TweetDeck web ( We’ve pushed regular updates each of the last 24 weeks, squashing bugs and introducing oft-requested functionality, such as real-time updating of Tweets in columns, keyboard shortcuts & navigation, search improvements including typeahead and people search, a new interface and the options to change font size and column width, a more extensive quick actions menu on each Tweet, performance upgrades, full profile header images and more. 

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