Change the channel directly from Twitter

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Today, @Comcast and @NBCUniversal are announcing a partnership with Twitter that lets users tune in to a TV show directly from a Tweet. Comcast will give Xfinity TV customers the ability to do several things such as change the channel, set the DVR and play a show On Demand, directly from an expanded Tweet. Called See It, the feature will debut with NBCUniversal offerings including The Voice and Sunday Night Football.

Each day, Twitter plays host to the real-time conversation about television and a large portion of that conversation occurs while a program is live on the air. Millions of people are exposed to Tweets about a program, so much so that they’re often motivated by the Twitter buzz to tune in. By partnering with Comcast, we’ll be able to make it easier than ever to turn on the show everyone is talking about and jump into the conversation.

See It is designed to integrate with other video distribution partners, television networks and websites. We look forward to working with Comcast to extend this offering to other partners who will connect more great content to Twitter. Ultimately, we want to make watching TV along with Twitter even more fun. We’re looking forward to sharing more details about this experience in the weeks to come. You can find more information about See It here.