Celebrating 2013 in the global town square

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy new year! Last night millions of people rang in 2013 by tweeting messages as midnight arrived in every time zone. From Tokyo to San Francisco, the spikes in Tweets per second reveal when and where people celebrated as seen in this visualization created by Twitter’s @trebor:

Celebrating 2013 in the global town square

While the numbers tell one story, individual Tweets offer a more intimate look at the hopes, wishes and thoughts people from around the world (and space!) have for this year. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted to earth from the International Space Station:

An early riser tweeted the first sunrise of the year over Mount Fuji:

Like many of us, celebrities, athletes and other notables were out in force on Twitter last night wishing everyone a new year and sharing their resolutions:

Posted by Rachael Horwitz (@rachaelrad)
Communications Team