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Friday, 12 April 2013

For this year’s MTV Movie Awards, the judges are stepping aside and letting the viewers’ voice be heard: fans can now cast their vote via a Tweet. As movie buffs tune-in, they can also tweet-in as they vote, comment on their favorite acceptance speeches, share their picks for best dressed, or join the conversation as their favorite actors live-tweet the show. Viewers can check out the MTV Movie Awards Discover page, for specially-curated content live, leading up to and during the show.

#BestHero Award
Fans can use the following hashtags to cast their vote:
#VoteBilbo - The Hobbit
#VoteBatman - The Dark Knight Rises
#VoteCatwoman - The Dark Knight Rises
#VoteHulk - The Incredible Hulk 2
#VoteIronMan - Iron Man 3
#VoteSnowWhite - Snow White and the Huntsman

The “Giffies” 
Viewers should follow @MTV to keep up-to-date on the first-ever real-time awards show about the awards show.  @MTV has teamed up up with @VH1 to offer a unique perspective, creating gif categories based on the show that will be tweeted-out in real-time. Fans can keep an eye out for “giffie” categories like “Best smirk,” “Best long drawn-out acceptance speech,” and more.

Live-tweeting cast 
Whether they’re at the show or on their couch at home, stars will be putting in their two cents on Twitter, live during the show. Fans can follow these VIPs to get an insider’s look:

Ben Platt (@BenSPLATT): performer
Andrew Jenks (@AndrewJenks): creator/host of MTV’s “World of Jenks”
Hana Mae Lee (@hanamaelee): nominee, performer
MTV (@MTV): Official Account

Couch commentators: 
Nina Garcia (@ninagarcia): Creative Director of Marie Claire
Shawne Merriman (@shawnemerriman): former NFL player
Harry Shum (@iharryshum): Glee actor
Rebecca Minkoff (@RebeccaMinkoff): designer
Arlene Van Dyke (@Speakyteeth): costume designer
Gregory Smith (@Ju_Smith4): NBA player

Posted by Grace Chu Lee (@Gracelee)
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