Age-screening improvement for alcohol brands

Monday, 25 November 2013

One of the biggest challenges for alcohol brands is how they connect with an age-appropriate audience. To address this on Twitter, we’re rolling out an improvement to the age-screening experience on, iOS, and Android devices. Starting today, alcohol brands can safely grow their of-age network of Twitter followers in a way that’s simpler than before.

Here’s how it works:

Age-screening improvement for alcohol brands

To begin, we’ve partnered with brands like Bud Light, Jim Beam, Knob Creek, Heineken, and Bacardi, who are integrating the tool into their overall Twitter ad strategy. For example, Bud Light is using age-screened Promoted Accounts to reach people who are 21 and older and interested in the NFL during their #whatsyoursuperstition campaign, while Knob Creek is using it to launch their small batch bourbon brand on Twitter.

To set up this new form of age-screening, managed clients can contact their teams directly. Those with self-serve accounts can request access by filing a support ticket via and selecting the Help? button.

Our hope is that this approach to age-screening will enable alcohol brands to responsibly and safely connect with the right audience on Twitter.

Note: We updated the screenshots above to reflect a recent change to the follow experience.