A more accommodating TweetDeck and keyboard column jumping

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

An important function for TweetDeck is to display large numbers of Tweets in a big window, usually your entire display.

However, we recognize some users also enjoy using TweetDeck as a background application on a single desktop as well.
That’s why we’re updating TweetDeck to support a 2-column mode that gives you all of the functionality you need in a smaller space. Now you can drag the window width down to two columns, and the application interface will adapt as needed. We hope this change makes it easier for you to use TweetDeck alongside other apps in your workflow, and we’ll continue to explore ways to make this even more efficient. 

Today’s update also includes new keyboard shortcuts. Now you can jump from one column to the next by pressing the corresponding column number. For example, press “8” to move the display to show column 8. This works for the first 9 columns, which are generally the most used columns. Also pressing “0” will move the display to show the far right column, a handy shortcut for those with a large number of columns.

Grab the new update by refreshing your browser if you’re using the web app or restarting your Chrome browser if you’re using the Chrome app.