Twitter Ad Scrimmage for Super Bowl XLVI

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Super Bowl XLVI will be an epic rematch from four years ago, when the New York Giants (@Giants) miraculously tainted the New England Patriots’ (@Patriots) perfect season by defeating them in Super Bowl XLII. @Patriots will undoubtedly #bringit this time around but the battle doesn’t just start and end on the football field. The competition crosses over to the TV screen as brands vie for consumers’ attention by putting forth their best and most creative commercials — this year, that battle continues on Twitter with our Ad Scrimmage.

The Twitter Ad Scrimmage extends the life of a Super Bowl commercial by amplifying and moving Monday water cooler discussions to immediately after the game when momentum for conversations around those commercials is at its highest. On Sunday, right after the game, the Twitter Ad Scrimmage will host the commercials so viewers can replay and relive their favorite brand moments. Commercials will also have a unique hashtag to encourage conversations on Twitter.

Brands will get further exposure as viewers will have a chance to visit the site daily for seven days to choose their favorite Super Bowl spots by submitting a Tweet with a link that will drive followers to the commercial. Follow @TwitterAds during and after the game for updates and to find out who wins the first Twitter Ad Scrimmage.