TweetDeck Mac App update available, and more updates for Web

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Good news! TweetDeck 1.5 is now available in the Mac App Store. Install the update now and see our previous blog post which outlines the changes.


We have also updated with some more features and fixes:

We have improved the visibility of private accounts by showing the padlock icon next to a username where the user has opted to protect their tweets.


It is now possible to move all the popup windows within TweetDeck. Simply click and hold on the icon in the top-left corner of a popup, then drag to reposition it.

We’ve also changed the way we show retweets in your timeline in order to to be more consistent with Now, if several of your friends retweet the same tweet, you will only see the first retweet in your timeline column. You can see the total number of retweets received for any tweet by opening it in detail view.