The Premios Tu Mundo Awards: Where your Tweet counts

Thursday, 30 August 2012

On Thursday, @Telemundo fans can tweet to the beat of the night, and get even closer to the inside action at @PremiosTuMundo Awards, celebrating the year’s best in pop culture.

As music fans already know, Twitter is a must-use tool for catching a glimpse of artists’ behind-the-scenes snapshots, participating in conversation during those “wow” moments, and, of course, showing support for the winners.

And this year, whether they’re passionate about music, fashion, movies, or sports, viewers will have the opportunity to determine the fate of their favorite celebrity attendees — with a Tweet. As the first “Twitter Category” in Spanish-language television history, the “El Favorito De La Noche” Award lets viewers tweet support for their favorite celebrity with the hashtag #PremiosTuMundo plus the celebrity’s name during the Blue Carpet and the main award show. The night will conclude with one celebrity winning the El Favorito De La Noche (“Favorite of the night”) Award.

The pre-show, Alfombra de Premios Tu Mundo, starts at 8p.m. ET, and will be followed by the full awards event, all broadcast live from Miami. Don’t miss it!

Artist @LorenzoOBLimon is already getting a start by heading to Miami early:

If you like superstar @jencarlosmusic, he’s looking forward to his fans’ support on the big night:

@XimenaDuque is excited about receiving votes from her fans on Thursday, too. She tweeted:

To savor even more of the scene, follow Premios Tu Mundo’s Talent Member list. And to stay involved with TV and music events on Twitter, be sure to follow @TwitterMusic. (Don’t forget to tune in next week on September 6th for the MTV Video Music Awards, too.)

Posted by Grace Chu Lee @gracelee
TV Partnerships Team