#OnlyOnTwitter: With a cameo appearance by Ryan Gosling

Friday, 6 April 2012

Welcome to another edition of our on-going effort to capture and showcase the incredible array of moments that happen #OnlyOnTwitter. This week we bring you a conversation with Madonna, a Q&A with the Vice President, and a chance encounter with Ryan Gosling.

Madonna chats with her fans
To celebrate the first week’s success of her new album, pop icon Madonna chatted with fans via Twitter, including quite a few famous ones.

Saved by Ryan Gosling

A British journalist was saved from a NYC taxi by movie star/Internet heartthrob Ryan Gosling. She shared the news via Twitter, of course, and found herself unwittingly at the center of a new viral sensation.

#OpeningDay for Major League Baseball
Team accounts and @MLB and many teams rung in a new season on Twitter, rallying fans with Tweets and photos.

Tornadoes strike Dallas
Violent tornadoes raged through the Dallas metro area and the Weather Channel, NBC News and the Washington Post collected Tweets into Storifys. This is one of the remarkable Tweets they highlighted.

#AskVP: College Affordability
Vice President Joe Biden took questions on Twitter about the costs of college in America.

Tim Gunn joins Twitter
Project Runway host and self-described “Fashion Therapist” Tim Gunn joined Twitter and was warmly welcomed.