#OnlyOnTwitter: Unforgettable music moments

Friday, 17 August 2012

After so much (well-deserved) focus on the incredible feats — and notable Tweets — of Olympic athletes recently, we wanted to switch gears and shine a light on some of the best musical moments to come out of the London games.

The theme of last Sunday night’s Closing Ceremony was a “symphony of British music”, and music ruled the night on Twitter too. Besides the Opening Ceremony’s unforgettable “Chariots of Fire” performance featuring Rowan “Mr Bean” Atkinson, Britain’s music legends like The Who, Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John, to name a few, also captivated the crowd.

A special shout-out goes to Scottish-Zambian singer Emeli Sandé (@EmeliSande), one of the stars of the Closing Ceremony, for live-tweeting her performance. Her Tweets offer a lively perspective on what it’s like to sing in front of thousands and share the stage with the UK’s most famous acts.

She’s since gained tens of thousands of followers, and is seeing a positive outpouring of conversation around her music.

A few more of the world’s favorite artists found time to live-tweet the Closing Ceremony’s unforgettable moments. A high point: when the much-loved Spice Girls reunited for the big close, which sparked more than 116,000 Tweets per minute. They gave us all a blast from the past as they performed two of their hottest hits, “Wanna-be” (classic) and “Spice Up Your Life.” Suffice it to say that Baby, Sporty, Ginger, Posh and Scary Spice were in full Girl Power mode.

English singer Jessie J (@JessieJ) performed her songs “Dynamite” and “Price Tag,” she also debuted a light remix of the Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You.” British rap star, Tinie Tempah (@TinieTempah) joined Jessie J and Taio Cruz (@TaioCruz) to end up their show with the Bee Gees’ song “Dancing.”

Before hitting the stage, @JessieJ tweeted a photo from backstage in full costume:

@VictoriaBeckham (‘Posh Spice’) tweeted her unforgettable moment:

And who knew that British rapper @TinieTempah is a huge Spice Girls fan?

Twitter brought us closer to everything we love about music and the Olympics during the London Games. And as the world watched, performers captured unforgettable moments and shared their life-changing moments.

Posted by Tatiana Simonian (@tatiana)
Head of Music