#OnlyOnTwitter: Ready for anything

Friday, 25 May 2012

One of the things about Twitter being a real-time platform is that being on Twitter means you have to be ready for anything. Whether it’s President Obama suddenly announcing on a Thursday afternoon that he’s going to field questions from constituents or it’s the stars of Pretty in Pink picking up where their characters left off— Twitter will always surprise you. And it’s these sorts of unique moments that pop up in your timeline that could happen #OnlyOnTwitter.

President Obama hosts a surprise Twitter town hall
This week the President spoke on energy policy in Iowa. But right before he took the stage he sent a Tweet announcing that he’d be taking questions on Twitter right after the event. This spontaneous chat with constituents generated a lot of questions and the President answered many of them.

Pretty in Pink, reunited & reignited
Molly Ringwald inadvertently rekindled the once fictional rivalry between Pretty in Pink co-stars Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy.

Ten top #BBMA Tweets
The Billboard Music Awards took over Twitter last Sunday as the top stars of music celebrated their own. We were following closely on Twitter and picked some of the most retweeted and favorited Tweets of the night.

Posted by Andrew Fitzgerald, Manager, Editorial Programming (@magicandrew)