#OnlyOnTwitter: Photos across space and time

Friday, 20 April 2012

One of the best things about Twitter is sharing pictures in real-time. Pictures from behind the scenes, pictures from abroad, pictures from the past. This week we have a number of Twitter moments of people sharing experiences and sharing photos in a way that could happen #OnlyOnTwitter. We have DC residents pointing the cameraphones at the sky to snap pictures of a space shuttle’s last flight. We have José Andrés finding Anthony Bourdain’s favorite restaurant in Singapore and posing with the chef. And we have a Twitter account dedicated entirely to plumbing the depths of the Sports Illustrated photo archives.

All of that and more, happening every day #OnlyOnTwitter.

#spottheshuttle takes over DC
Washington, D.C. residents left their offices in droves this Tuesday to watch the space shuttle Discovery, piggy-backed on a Boeing 747, circled the city three times before landing at Dulles Airport. Thanks to Twitter, even the folks who couldn’t leave their desks were able to see the shuttle from just about every angle in the city.

From the vaults of Sports Illustrated
Andy Gray at Sports Illustrated may have the coolest job in the sports world: he gets to dig through the archives of the magazine’s photos and share them on Twitter! His is a great feed to follow for any sports fan and a great example of how a publication can creatively use its archives on Twitter.

José Andrés goes to Singapore
Chef José Andrés took a trip to Singapore and received some travel recommendations from everybody’s favorite culinary tourist Anthony Bourdain.

NASCAR goes to the White House
The President invited 12 of the top Sprint Cup drivers to the White House. They put on their suits and ties and then shared pictures of the whole event.

Three Stooges answer dozens of questions
In anticipation of opening weekend for #TheThreeStooges @theseanhayes, @DiamantopoulosC and @WillSasso answered questions for fans who want to know Moe.

The lonesome cry of the Canadian penny
When the Canadian government decided to eliminate the Canadian penny, Steve St. Pierre began a Twitter account to tell the other side of the story— from the penny’s perspective. What began as a joke became a movement to donate pennies to charities.

Jim Gaffigan hosts a comedic Q&A
Comedian Jim Gaffigan released a new comedy special called “Mr. Universe” and released it online, directly to his fans. As a part of the promotion for Mr. Universe, he invited questions from his fans on Twitter.

@TwitterMusic interviews artist @KatGraham
Twitter Music conducted an interview with questions tweeted by fans for “Put Your Graffiti On Me” singer Kat Graham.