#OnlyOnTwitter: How photos make connections

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Communities are stitched together by numerous kinds of ties. In person there’s the smile, handshake, a shared laugh. From afar there’s the letter, email, a phone call. Twitter has a noteworthy power to bring you closer to a community instantaneously, and this week’s collection of #OnlyOnTwitter moments illustrates how this can be done with photographs.

Whether it’s Broadway actors sharing an intermission break despite being in different shows, or photos from far away that pierce the mystique to show real, human people. Or (my favorite), if on your band’s tour you suddenly stumble upon the Most Awesome Story to Tell Your Friends — with Twitter, you tell it in real time.

Saturday Intermission Pictures
The Broadway community is a tight-knit crew. But on Saturday afternoons, when they’re all scattered across different theaters, how do they stay close? Intermission pictures!

Journalist Jacob Weisberg takes you to China
On a trip to China, journalist Jacob Weisberg has been tweeting out photos and observations. This is a great format for feature reporters. Tweeting on the ground doesn’t just have to be limited to breaking news. Jacob’s Tweets also offer an immediate and fascinating picture at life behind the Great Firewall.

Indie Band Picks up a Hitchhiking John Waters
John Waters was making his way across Ohio with his thumb and indie band Here We Go Magic picked him up. He rode in their van, and they reported the details of the incident on Twitter. (via DCist)

Posted by Andrew Fitzgerald, Manager, Editorial Programming (@magicandrew)