#OnlyOnTwitter: From the sea floor to the high court

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Last week we kicked off a new blog series showcasing the amazing array of moments that occur #OnlyOnTwitter. We’re back again with highlights from this past week, which take Twitter to the deepest part of the ocean and a racecar driver’s seat in the sky.

James Cameron tweets from the seafloor
The director of Titanic took a very special trip—his was the second-ever dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. And that’s how he became the first person to send a Tweet from 35,755 feet below sea level.

From the steps of the Supreme Court
Tweeting isn’t allowed in the High Court, but plenty of reporters tweeted their impressions from the health care reform hearings as soon as they left the building, fueling a good deal of Twitter tea-leaf-reading.

Jimmie Johnson’s high-flying fan chat
The NASCAR driver took advantage of his in-flight wi-fi to answer fan questions and chat about his race strategy in the Fontana Auto Club 400.

Senator Menendez’s energy town hall
Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey hosted a live Twitter Town Hall with his followers to talk about energy policy. Here’s one of the topics he covered:

Bollywood’s Preity Zinta chats with her fans
One Sunday morning, Preity Zinta asked her followers to choose a topic they could all discuss. The winner: What would you do if you were Prime Minister of India?

Director Jon Hurwitz makes a correction
When a joke about remaking Back to the Future was taken out of context, director Jon Hurwitz took to Twitter to correct the record.