NFL Week 5: QBs lead in Twitter chatter

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Two teams remain undefeated through Week 5, but its not just their fans who are cheering. We’ve tallied up the Twitter chatter since Week 1, and results show that the QBs are leading the way. The top three most-tweeted-about players are:

1. Peyton Manning

His highlight: 

We saw the biggest spike in conversation surrounding Peyton Manning during Week 1 when the @Denver_Broncos took on the @Steelers

2. Tony Romo

His highlight: 

Tweets about Tony Romo culminated in Week 4 as he threw a jaw-dropping five interceptions in one game. 

3. Drew Brees

His highlight: 

Twitter chatter surrounding Drew Brees (@DrewBrees) saw its peak this week as he passed for a TD in 48 consecutive games, breaking a long-standing record held by Johnny Unitas since 1960. 

On Sunday, the @49ers dominated the field, collecting 621 yards of offense which resulted in a franchise record. Players expressed their excitement on Twitter. 

@KCChiefs QB Matt Cassell was escorted off the field in a stretcher after a hard hit from the @Ravens’ Haloti Ngata left him with a concussion, unable to finish the game. However what really stirred up controversy wasn’t the hit. Instead, it was fans’ reactions as they cheered in support of Cassell’s injury. Cassell’s loyal teammates spoke up after the game and reinforced their thoughts on Twitter.

@Colts WR @Reggie_Wayne87 fought hard for an upset over the @packers as he caught 13 passes and the game winning touchdown. His motivation for the win? His coach, Chuck Pagano who is unfortunately battling leukemia in an Indianapolis hospital.

Which game will garner the most chatter next week? Stay tuned to find out. 

Posted by Omid Ashtari (@omid)
Head of Sports & Entertainment