NFL Week 3: #OnlyOnTwitter edition

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A week of controversial @NFL ref action means a week of highly charged Twitter reaction: With a number of challenged calls, upsets, impossible plays and injuries, fans and players took to Twitter to tweet their frustration, encouragement, excitement — even condolences.

Last night during #MNF, Twitter conversation went into overdrive, when the @seahawks went head-to-head with the @packers at Qwest Field. Players and fans flocked to Twitter to share their opinions on what happened in the game’s final seconds. The now-infamous final play of the game generated more than one million Tweets (and used a fair amount of colorful language — consider this your disclaimer). 

One of the most vocal was @packers guard @TJLang70, whose series of blunt Tweets generated more than 150,000 retweets between them:

Reaction spread from around the NFL, as other players chimed in:

As the Twitter discussion surged, other pro athletes and celebrities weighed in:

While last night’s game generated the most Tweets (and controversy), there was no shortage of noteworthy and emotional moments during Sunday’s games.

Unfortunately, tragedy also touched the NFL last weekend, resulting in @TorreySmithWR’s ranking as Sunday’s most tweeted-about player of the week after the unexpected loss of his brother. Only hours after the sad news, Smith represented his team on the field with a stellar performance, scoring two touchdowns for the @ravens

Another shocker occurred when @theDHB85 suffered injuries after a crushing hit from the @Steelers defense left him being escorted off the field in a stretcher. Fans were relieved this morning after @raiders tweeted the status of his health (he’s ok!): 

In other injury news, NFL Reporter @JeffDarlington tweeted commentary about @HoustonTexans QB @Matt_SchuabQB_8’s tackle by the @Denver_broncos that left him missing a part of his ear mid-game. 

And this was only Week 3. Can there be any more excitement in Week 4? Maybe. 

Omid Ashtari (@omid)
Head of Sports & Entertainment