NFL on Twitter: Week 7

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It seems like there are certainties every week in the @NFL; heroics, injuries, spectacular catches, and now, a comeback lead by Eli in the last two minutes, which lead the @giants to be one of the most tweeted-about teams yet again.

This week’s most buzzed-about games on Twitter are:

  1. @giants vs. @redskins
  2. @detroitlionsNFL vs. @Chicagobears
  3. @nyjets vs. @patriots

And this week’s most tweeted-about player? It was @RGIII who, despite the @redskins loss, put forward an impressive performance and raked in more than 140,000 Tweets.  

Because each week brings drama and excitement to the field and to Twitter, we’re also sharing our picks for the top #NFL Tweets of the week. Here are some noteworthy Tweets that are worth a RT:

(See the video here.)

Check back in again next week for more!

Posted by Omid Ashtari - (@omid)
Head of Sports and Entertainment